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Being an actor has always played the leading part in my life. I started acting when I was 12 years old. My first part was already the main part of the play – I performed the 12 years old Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
Here is a quote from the newspaper Frankfurter Neue Presse, published by Jutta W. Thomasius:
He grew up in Heddernheim, many years at Margarete Backhaus’ ‘Kinder und Jugendtheater’ have shaped him. After the examination he was still taking more acting lessons at the ‘Stage and Musical School’ in Frankfurt, which made it much easier for him to achieve a job in the well known ‘Frankfurter Volkstheater’. He was playing the ‘Schüler’ at Goethe’s ‘Urfaust’ and many other parts for almost three years, until he had an offer for a theater tour through Germany, Austria and Switzerland, which he did five years…
(In Heddernheim wuchs er auf, viele Jahre Kinder- und Jugendtheater bei Margarete Backhaus prägten ihn. Nach der Prüfung lernte er noch anderthalb Jahre an der Stage and Musical School, was ihm den Einstieg ins Volkstheaterensemble sehr erleichterte. Vom Schüler im 'Urfaust' bis zum 'Stelldichein im Tivoli' war er in fast allen Inszenierungen zu sehen, ebenso in 88 'Alt-Frankfurt' -Vorstellungen. 1993 verließ er das Ensemble, da er vom 'Theater auf Tour' ein Angebot bekam.)
After the tour, I returned to the ‚Kinder und Jugendtheater‘, but was still also working as an actor and director for the tournee.
I also did some TV and radio jobs, like for example ‚Ein Fall für zwei‘ and ‚Tatort‘ as well as several radioplays and commercial spots.
In 2003 I became the first actor of Sylvia Ebert, previous owner of the event agency ‚Citygames‘. 2012 I overtook the agency and I am running it since then.
I have hosted Karaoke shows at several spots: Maxims (F), Hinterhaus (F), Quartier Latin, Paramount-Park (Ober-Roden), Fox and Fiddle (F).
I also have hosted promotion events, fairs, galas and corporate events.
Beside being a passionate actor I always loved singing. I am performing my favorite songs from the 70s, 80s and 90s in shows that I call ‚Stolen Diamonds‘.
But I also perform own songs. Out of my cooperation with Stephan Zind (zz.bros), that have had a huge success in the early 2000s with a remake of Tone Loc’s ‚Funky Cold Medina‘ I released some songs. ‘Maerchenprinz’ was the first in 1998. I have written this song together with Stephan for the ‚Grand Prix Colonia‘. I made it to number 4 out of 16 and was also winning the ‚Goldene Stimmgabel of Bad Vilbel‘ award. An English version is called ‘Secret Love’. ‚ich seh‘ dich‘ was another german song I produced together with Stephan as well as the Beatles cover of ‘Hey Jude’ that I recorded together with Tina Harris.
Since 2014 I am cooperating with Stephan Zind’s brother Alex Zind. We released a couple of singles like: 'Sonnenschein' (2014), 'Der Weihnachtstraum' (2014) 'Sweet Harmony' and 'Nur mit Dir' (2015), 'Obsession' (2016) and a remake of 'Nur mit Dir' 2017.


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